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D2 Steel Custom-made Axe Hunting Knife, Complete Axe, Custom Leather Axe Sheath, Wood Handle, Grey Blade, Free Shipping - SLL38

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Custom Handmade D2 steel Axe hunting knife

The D2 Steel Custom-Made Axe Hunting Knife is the perfect addition to any outdoor adventurer's gear. With a compact size of 20 inches, the 5.5-inch blade and 18-inch handle make this knife easy to handle and maneuver. The durable D2 steel blade features a stylish grey finish and is both strong and sharp. The sturdy wood handle provides a comfortable grip, and the custom leather sheath ensures safe storage and easy transport. Enjoy free shipping with your purchase of this complete, custom-made axe hunting knife. With its sleek design and superior quality, this knife will become a trusted companion on all outdoor adventures.

*Features and further details

Blade: d2 Steel  and sizes are from 5.5/2.5 inches

Handle: Handle size is 18" and made up of  Wood 

Package Includes: leather sheath

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Knife Size:  20

Blade Length:  5.5/2

Handle Length:  18

Blade Materia:  D2 Steel

Handle Material:  Wood


Sheath Material:  Leather

Blade Type:  Complete Axe

Blade Color:  Grey

Handmade:  yes

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