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Best Public Hunting Places On Earth

Hunting is an activity that has been around since the beginning of time. It's also one of the most fun and adventurous sports you can try. If you're looking for adventure, consider going on a hunting trip. You will get to experience a lot of things that you probably wouldn't have gotten to otherwise. But there are a lot of things that you need to consider before you go on a hunting trip.

In terms of public hunting lands, the United States offers a variety of options through its national forests, wildlife refuges, and state-managed lands. Whether you are a deer hunting lover, nature lover, or want to find a great place to hunt in the wilderness, you have many options. 

So, we have included information about each location, including the type of game you can hunt, the terrain, and the climate. This article will introduce you to the 15 Best Public Hunting Places on Earth.


Top 15 Best Public Hunting Places on Earth

  1. OHIO


Ohio is considered one of the best states for public land hunters. You will enjoy nature and wildlife and can find different wild animals, including deer, turkeys, rabbits, bears, and squirrels. 

Ohio has some of the best public hunting areas on the planet. You will love Ohio if you like to hunt and fish. Here are some of the best public lands in Ohio to visit for a great hunting trip.

  • Bass Pro Shops

  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources

  • Hocking Hills State Park

  • Wayne National Forest — Deer, Turkey, Small Game


Wayne has the Best Public Hunting Place on Earth. The National Forests is the best among public land deer hunting places. You should have some land management knowledge for a better experience. Then, it would be best to find out where you can get a license for public hunting land in that area. You must always ensure a hunting license and a legal hunt.

There are many wonderful things about going hunting in the Wayne National Forest. First, you have to get the right equipment. That means having the right gun, the right ammunition, the right knife, the right boots, the right clothes, and more. Because of plenty of deer, this place is an ideal public land deer hunting place.

  1. Nebraska


Nebraska has the best public hunting places on earth. You can go hunting all year round. If you are going to be a hunter, you should go to Nebraska to get your first gun. 

There are a lot of animals like antelope, elk, and other animals that you can hunt. You can enjoy deer hunting on this public land. I'm telling you that you will love it. In this public land, hunting is a sport that you can enjoy all year round. You don't have to wait until autumn to start shooting. You can start hunting while it is still summer.

  1. NORTH DAKOTA Waterfowl Production Area — Waterfowl and Upland Birds


Waterfowl production areas are some of the best places to hunt. They provide excellent hunting opportunities. In this public land, you can find upland birds such as grouse, turkeys, pheasant, ruffed grouse, bobwhite quail, chukar, prairie chickens, and more.

North Dakota is one of the best places for hunting. It's fun to hunt. There is a lot of different wildlife to hunt here. In this hunting land, you can find deer, turkeys, rabbits, ducks, geese, quail, and many other games. There are also fishing spots, and if you have a boat, you can use it. There are thousands of acres of land where you can go hunting. You can be selective and only hunt for certain species on public lands. 

  1. District 8: Yakima and Kittitas Counties, Wash


District 8: Yakima and Kittitas Counties have the Best Public Hunting Places on Earth. There's more than just deer here. There are plenty of elk, bears, coyotes, bobcats, turkeys, grouse, and so much more. The best time to hunt is October through January.

If you are among deer hunters, you can find a lot of deer. The fee is $10 for adults and $5 for children for a license. You will find plenty of wildlife here. In this public land, there are deer, coyotes, eagles, bald eagles, elk, mountain lions, bobcats, and many more species of animals. Like other hunting lands, the fish are plentiful too. You will find many species here.

  1. Kansas


If you love hunting, you should visit Kansas. There are different places in Kansas where you can hunt. You can hunt deer, turkey, coyote, and other animals. In some parts of Kansas, you can even hunt for bobcats, black bears, and wild boar.

Kansas is a wonderful place to hunt, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, listen to birds singing, and smell the fresh air. These are some reasons why people like to go to Kansas to hunt. They find Kansas a great place to spend time with their families. There is no place like Kansas when you are looking for fun. You can also look forward to a great time at the campgrounds. Camping is great when you are outdoors.

  1. IDAHO Clearwater National Forest — Black Bears


Idaho is a beautiful state home to many wonderful and exciting wildlife, such as moose, elk, bison, deer, and ducks. But the biggest excitement many people in Idaho enjoy is seeing the black bears. Black bear hunting is an exciting adventure that everyone can enjoy. There is only one problem with black bear hunting: they are difficult to find. 

In addition to hunting wild game, you can go hiking and camping in Idaho. There are a lot of beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains, and meadows there. There are also some interesting caves and some places are very dangerous. However, you should be careful. Make sure that you have good, strong hiking boots.

  1. SOUTH DAKOTA Buffalo Gap National Grassland — Coyotes


South Dakota is a beautiful state with lots of great natural scenery. There are a lot of Best Public Hunting Places on Earth, and wildlife and the mountains provide some of the best hunting in the country. Hunting is one of the best things to do in South Dakota. It's really fun, and you can do it for free. 

You can hunt deer, coyote, quail, wild turkey, and bear. You can even find different kinds of fish in the state. Many people go to South Dakota to hunt. South Dakota has the highest number of hunters per capita in the world. It is an awesome public land to find bison, elk, and deer. People come from all over the world to hunt at this place. 

  1. Game Management Unit 20C: Wickenburg, Ariz.


Game Management Unit 20C is located on the Arizona-Nevada border. It's called "Wickenburg". This place is great for hunting because the deer population is huge. There are wild turkeys, rabbits, quail, and squirrels. There is so much variety that you will enjoy your hunt. You might see a bear or some other wild animals here. 

When you go to Wickenburg, you will be happy that you made an effort to go. You'll enjoy yourself. Just be careful when you are hunting. You have chosen a good place to hunt. This is the ideal place for a nice, quiet evening with your family. It's a beautiful spot with amazing views and great facilities. It is a good location for both beginners and experienced hunters.



Florida is a beautiful state. It is also the perfect place to enjoy hunting. If you love hunting, then you'll want to enjoy your time in this state. You can hunt different animals here and go to Florida to hunt wild boar. This state has so much wildlife to offer that you can enjoy it even when you are away from home.

You can do many things in Florida to enjoy the great outdoors. You can go to places that you can enjoy watching. For example, you can visit the Everglades National Park on this public land. You can enjoy the beauty of this park. You can see the Shark Valley and observe some of the most giant Great White sharks. 

  1. Apalachicola National Forest — Hogs


There are many kinds of animals living in Apalachicola National Forest. Some are birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and insects. In addition, there are over 40 kinds of trees living in Apalachicola National Forest.

The most famous tree in the forest is the bald cypress tree. It is the biggest tree in the world. Its trunk is about 1,000 feet tall and has a circumference of 3-4 feet. The bald cypress is often called the 'King of Trees.' It has a history of 1,000 years. It is a very popular tree and a very valuable one. 

  1. The Sandhills: Valentine, Neb.


If you want to get some really good hunting, you have to go to the Sandhills. Nebraska has many different types of games, including deer, antelope, turkey, and more. You might find yourself with a trophy buck in your sights. If you do, you will be very happy. The Sandhills has one of the Best Public Hunting Places on Earth.

The area is rich with wildlife, which includes whitetail deer, antelope, elk, black bear, and many other species. It's great fun to be out here. The only problem you may have is that you may be hungry. You can buy groceries from the local stores in the area and cook your food.



The United States of America is the greatest country in the world, and Wyoming is one of its best states. There are many great places to hunt in the United States, but Wyoming is one of the best. It is located in the center of the country. Its size is similar to that of an intermediate state.

Wyoming has the largest land area of any state. This is because it has the largest number of mountains. Some of them are quite high. This state is home to over 4 million people. Its population is smaller than in some states but larger than in others.

  1. Rusk and Price Counties: Northwestern Wis.


There are a lot of activities to do in northwestern Wisconsin, including camping, fishing, hunting, and snowmobiling. The beautiful scenery around us is why we love coming here. Explore many beautiful lakes, forests, mountains, and rivers. It's also a great place to visit if you like nature.

There are also many museums and historical sites to check out. There is an amazing golf course in Lakewood, Minnesota. You can also go to the International Airport in Wausau and take a plane trip to Canada. You can also see the great beaches in Door County, Wisconsin. 

  1. White River National Wildlife Refuge — Ducks


A great place for duck hunting is the White River National Wildlife Refuge. You can go there with a group of friends or even your family. This place has plenty of ducks, turkeys, and deer. You can go there any time of the year. However, winter, spring, and fall are the best times to go there. 

During these times, you can find more ducks and other games. It would help if you also went there during the day to see the game better. If you are interested in hunting and fishing, you should visit the White River National Wildlife Refuge. White River National Wildlife Refuge is located in Illinois. This wildlife refuge is beautiful and has lots of different animals and plants.




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